Welcome to TANSTAAFL Press where the creative ideal meets the reality of publishing print and ebooks. Robert Heinlein (1907-1988) wrote “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” More than one person has confirmed his truism. This publishing concern is dedicated to this ideal.

An author who wishes to be a success can’t sit idly by in his ivory tower and only write books unless he is already a huge name. In this case we at TANSTAAFL Press define success as commercial viability and / or number of people reading your work. Thus the power of TANSTAAFL – no one will beat down your door to read your work nor will they pour money into your pockets. You must offer value for value.

TANSTAAFL Press was founded in 2011 to bring one author down from his own ivory tower and let the public enjoy the value he provided from his fertile imagination. Honesty requires that we also say that making a dollar or two had a motivating factor. But again, value for value.

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