Sep 112015

I have been remiss in getting this data onto my website. I’ve reported it in my social media pages but not here. At the end of July, beginning of August we signed two new authors to book contract into our press. Our business plan only called for adding one author this year but how in […]

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Jun 302015

by Thomas Gondolfi – Since our origins there have been those who have pointed at TANSTAAFL Press and called us a vanity press or an outright cheat. As founder I’ve bristled at these comments but have kept my own angst under my hat, thinking that those people just didn’t understand. I waited, but watched. I recently lost […]

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Apr 112015

Thomas Gondolfi and the wonderful folks from SciFi Monkeys have worked out a deal to post Thomas’ reviews of Indie Fiction on the SciFi Monkey’s pages. Approximately every other week, Thomas’ byline will appear bringing you another review of Indie work he’s come across in his travels. Today was the premiere of Tom’s review of […]

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Apr 072015

The print books of Metamorphosis: Lady Hornet, by Bruce H. Graw have arrived!  We are holding the launch for these books at Las Vegas Comic Con on the 24rd of April in.. well, Las Vegas, NV.  If you are in the area I encourage you to come and get to meet the author and get […]

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Mar 042015

Folks, It’s been awhile since we’ve made a post here. We’ve found mentions of TANSTAAFL Press in our local newspaper and wanted to share. The first one while it is on NVN page, can also be grabbed off of YouTube so I’ll use that link here. Second is nothing more than a picture […]

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Dec 182014

Metamorphosis: Lady Hornet, the latest novel by Bruce Graw is now at the editors. All things being equal we are looking at an availability date of end of March! Meanwhile Bruce is hunkered down on his next novel, The Faerie of Central Park. While we would like to see the next Metamorphosis book as soon […]

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Oct 192014

While it comes as no surprise to us, the data is in and TANSTAAFL Press has grown forty percent year-over-year in total sales. We are also at a positive cash flow. To have a positive cash flow in year two is amazing for any small business. We want to thank you, the fans, for your […]

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Jul 272014

Yesterday I attended NW Book Festival, Portland Oregon. This is the beginning of our second convention season. Last year this was the first event I’d attended so we’ve come full circle. I wasn’t surprised, but disappointed, that there was no repeat traffic here. The reason it didn’t surprise me was because of the nature of […]

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Jun 012014

I mentioned in my previous posts that I was interviewed at Crypticon. SciFi Monkeys is a long running SciFi / Horror review blog. After they read only half of Toy Wars they came and asked to interview me. The interview is now posted (over nine minutes — didn’t know I was that verbose). In addition […]

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May 272014

  For those of you who have been waiting, Thinking Outside the Box is now available for purchase. We’ve actually had them since before Crypticon but haven’t been able to update this website fast enough to keep up while getting ready for a show. Preorders shipped last week. If you are interested in this latest […]

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