Sep 112015

I have been remiss in getting this data onto my website. I’ve reported it in my social media pages but not here. At the end of July, beginning of August we signed two new authors to book contract into our press. Our business plan only called for adding one author this year but how in the flying frack are you going to chose between two incredibly good authors such as Stephanie L. Weippert and Christopher Bair.

Stephanie L. Weippert is a fantasy author and has a portfolio of material just waiting for us to dig through. Her subjects always revolve around the magical. While not yet published, she is well on her way to be an exceptional and prolific author. We wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up with a big name traditional contract in a very few years. We are exceptionally pleased at the rough draft of “Sweet Secrets” (available April ’16) and are drooling over another series as well.

Christopher Bair is a wildcard. He trends toward cyberpunk and dark fantasy. He’s published one book “Money for Nothing” through a gaming company. The company fell apart and we at TANSTAAFL were impressed enough that we wanted the series to live. Christopher is rewriting the book (removing gaming references) and we will publish it as “The Bloodshed of Mercenaries” in the summer of 2016 along with the prequel short story “The Assassination of Innocence.” We are expecting the next in the series, “The Culling of Evil”, either late 2016 or early 2017.


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