Jul 042019

I’ve noted a trend in dealing with you, the public. I am often asked about some facet of writing, or the business of writing/publishing. So much so that I’ve decided to foray into non-fiction (GASP) and write some small books on specific topics. Often I don’t have the time to dedicate at a show to detail all of the things I’d like to share.

I’ll write them not in lurid prose or stilted business style, but more like I’m sitting in the room with you snacking on chips and sharing war stories. They will fall into two categories: TANSTAAFL Press on Business, and TANSTAAFL Press on Writing.

Additionally, printing costs permitting, I’d like to offer these near $5 so that you can purchase sound, tested advice on the topic of your choice for a very small price. To keep costs down I intend to do some of my own picture covers (Don Quixote to the rescue).

BearWTypewriter copyBearWAddingMachine copy

Our first offering from the writing side has the working title of “Exorcising the Ghost of Writer’s Block” on the front and “To Outline or Not to Outline…” on the back. Yes, because these topics are so small we are putting two together like some very old style pulp fiction.

TANSTAAFL on Business will have the first books as, “Flirting for Fun and Profit” and one other that hasn’t yet been decided.

Hope to have these short offering out in the fall.

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