Feb 122020

Even More Preparation!

Fuel sources for all my different off-grid materials became a problem quickly. I need gasoline for my generator (backup for my car) and propane for my heater, I decided that I didn’t need to carry yet another fuel (white gas) for my Coleman camp stove. So instead I splurged and bought a folding propane stove and installed a five gallon propane cylinder to handle the demands. Small issues with the propane like drilling a hole through the wall to run the hose, grommets around the hole edges to prevent damage to the hose, and venting just in case there is a leak to prevent fire/explosions.

Ohhh, how to stay clean! That was a fun problem. The primary thought that came to mind is “What do long haul truckers do?” They use three primary methods: they stay dirty (ewwww), they use truck stops where you can purchase a shower (good for occasional use), and baby wipes. Oh they aren’t really baby wipes but something similar and larger. Take one of those, wipe yourself down and you are nearly as clean as a shower. It leaves a little bit of a sticky feeling to it that takes getting used to (yes, I tested them), but good enough for road days. BTW, most truck stops also have coin op laundries so you can do your laundry while you shower. I figure once a week.

Thankfully, all of the books and show materials all fit within my Toyota RAV4 leaving the trailer for sleeping and sanity alone time.

With the way I interact with people at shows, many don’t understand that I’m an introvert, almost to the point of being a hermit. Without the trailer to retreat to I would soon be in people overload making me a good candidate for a rubber room. Even with that, I don’t have much space.

My simplified packing list went something like this:
Clothes (don’t forget con specific clothes like kilts)
Toiletries (don’t forget toilet paper, soap, spare glasses and sunglasses),
Medications/first aid,
Ice chest,
Rechargeable batteries of all sorts (CPAP, mouse, lights, phone, etc),
Books to sell and read (figure out max you can sell as you are unlikely to be able to get extras on the way)
Show materials (tables, tablecloths, lights, banners, etc)
Electronics and any chargers (phone, laptop, cpap, etc)
Tools (in case of a breakdown or issue with RV)
Games (to share with new friends)
Emergency gear (low temp sleeping bag, thermals, fire extinguisher, etc)

Now look at what is left of space for me in my trailer. Hope you aren’t claustrophobic.

Also I wanted to share my mood. The last couple of days I could have left at a moment’s notice. The excitement/anxiety has been building. I think the closest I can come is the anticipation of a race horse in the starting gate. It’s gonna open soon… soon… soon… soon…

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