Feb 172020

Feb 17 Castle Rock, WA to Roseburg, OR – 237 miles

My plan for the day was

  1. Reset the trailer (removing things I mentioned yesterday)
  2. Build a little “desk” to put into my passenger seat
  3. Leave no later than noon
  4. To visit with an online marketer in Eugene (Hi, Renee)
  5. To visit with my cousin Joy also in Eugene.
  6. to get to Ashland, OR to make the second leg down to my parents’ home an easy one. 

Items 1-5 all went off without a hitch. I even had time to take my wife to breakfast. Where I missed was that my visit with my cousin turned into a marathon dinner/gabfest lasting three hours. As I pulled into Roseburg, I realized I was tired, it was 10PM and while I might make Ashland if I pushed myself, I doubted the value. Driving tired is almost never a good option. So much for my plan. Still 83+% isn’t a bad grade.

As I’m tired, I’ll take a picture of my desk a little later and add it to tomorrow’s post. The issue was that the passenger seat is all wonky (technical term of highest value) in shape, angles, etc. I wanted a close to level platform I could put things on. As I’m handy with rough carpentry, have the tools and scrap materials on site, I spent maybe 30 minutes hacking this together. It’s crude, but it performs admirably.

All for now.. Sleep is calling.

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