Mar 142020

3/13  Dallas to OKC – 195 miles.

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I didn’t blog about my trip to Dallas. Only one thing of note came up, I received my first ever “General Delivery” package. I needed some more cat toys and my wife made them and shipped them to me. I expected a great deal of hassle but it was quick and easy.

Thursday was a long day with a 9AM load in and open until 7PM. Thursday was disappointing in sales but it was the first day of a four-day con. I got a lot of “I’ll come back later” lines. Unfortunately for many of those folks, there wasn’t a later. Friday morning I showed up to find a note in my chair stating that a federal judge had ordered all gatherings of 500 or more to cease and desist as of 11AM Friday morning. The show had no recourse but to shut down.

Thursday night I found out that my big Chicago show had cancelled and likely the Gov of Illinois was going to put a similar moratorium on gatherings as Dallas had which would cancel the second Chicago show as well.

Looking at it, I decided not to risk Memphis cancelling on me. I turned tail for home, cancelling the rest of the NOT SO GREAT Road Trip. I figure 5 days of reasonable driving will get me back home.

My decision ended up to be very wise. Memphis cancelled this afternoon, as did Norwescon, one of my staples in the PacNW. At this rate I won’t have any business at all after this year.

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