Jan 242021

It is with optimism and a sense of childlike wonder that TANSTAAFL Press flings open the door of 2021! With vaccinations on the horizon, it is looking like conventions will start up again sometime in the summer or fall. TANSTAAFL Press intends to be there to greet our long distanced friends, fans, and family! We miss you! And while we do miss you as customers, we care for you more as people and how you feed us with your enthusiasm! It is sometimes the only thing that pushes us through the tough days.

And, for those who are interested in our books, we have not been idle. Bruce Graw has The Gremlin of Morningside Heights, the sequel to Faerie of Central Park, almost complete. Thomas Gondolfi is well into the second book of the “Monarchy of America” steampunk series. We intend to have both of these at GenCon this year.

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