Jul 052021

We’ve talked about the changes brought about by the C19 pandemic. We now have a much better view of what the rest of this year will hold for us at TANSTAAFL Press.

First, we have release updates. The sequel to The Faerie of Central Park, by Bruce Graw, The Gremlin of Morningside Heights, is on its way to the printers as I type this. We expect to have print books in hand by end of July. And, if that isn’t sweet enough, the sequel to Gremlin, The Djinn of the Upper East Side is in our hands and is going through edits. We are hoping to have this available before the end of the year.

Thomas Gondolfi has finished Courting Witchcraft, the sequel to Of Demons and Coal. It is in edit and beta reader’s hands at the moment. This should be available circa mid-August.

And now conventions! (and there was much rejoicing) I won’t lie and say everything is back to normal. Because of this, our convention schedule is rather weird. Here it is, in all it’s glory.

GenCon – Indianapolis, IN – 9/16 – 9/21
Lilac City Comic Con – Spokane, WA – 10/2 – 10/3
Grit City Comic Con – Tacoma, WA – 10/9
Spocon – Spokane, WA – 10/29 – 10/31
OryCon – Portland, WA – 11/14 – 11/14 (unconfirmed)

We feel fairly confident we will be in OryCon but less likely the three below. We have also inquired to RustyCon (Bellvue, WA), Gateway (Los Angeles, CA), and Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA).

Hope we see you there!

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