Age vs Books


Many parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc want to make sure that the books they buy for their young relatives are age appropriate. We get the question of age OFTEN.  As a result we are providing this image to give you an idea whether any book we have belongs in specific youthful hands.

These age decisions include sex, violence, language, and level of reading. For example, Demon Holiday would be a tween book if it weren’t for a non-graphic scene with a lady of negotiable virtue. Toy Wars would be lower on the chart but there are many references to other materials (such as William Shakespeare’s plays, “The Man from La Mancha” by Cervantes, etc) that probably would go over the head of a younger child. Lady Hornet has some non-graphic references to “size matters” that would confuse a child younger than one in his/her teens. Conversely The Faerie of Central Park has no cursing, sex, or violence.