An Eighty Percent Solution



In a world where corporations suborn governments as a part of good business practice and unregistered humans can be killed without penalty, Tony Sammis, a mid level corporate functionary, finds himself unwittingly in the middle of a guerrilla war between a powerful cabal of business leaders and an elusive underground movement. Tony’s solution to the biological terror unleashed mirrors his own twisted sense of justice.

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  3 Responses to “An Eighty Percent Solution”

  1. Curse you, Thomas Gondolfi! I was looking for a mindless read in An Eighty Percent Solution to unwind before bedtime. What you wrote kept me up half the night reading “just one more page until I turn off the light”. That happened not just once, but several nights in a row. You totally wrecked my work week!

    Then I discovered your book Toy Wars. The result was even more sleepless nights turning page after page, gleefully reading your accursed books. Now I’m writing this review exhausted, wondering when the next installments in your books will be. There will be more, wont there? There has to be more!

    For those of you considering reading Thomas Gondolfi’s books, beware. Do not try to read them just before going to sleep. You have been warned!

  2. Good stuff! Immensely readable and entertaining. The characters are quirky and fun. The world is a complex mix of cybernetics, megacorporations, and magic.
    Tom Gondolfi gives us a tantalizing preview of a very possible near future, where Edward Abbey meets Occupy Wall Street.

  3. Let me start by saying that I am not generally a science fiction fan. I am, however, a conscientious member of society with an imagination regarding the pretenses of our current commercial constructs. This book fabulously portrays themes of heroism, corruption, revenge and empowerment.

    Taking place in a demoralizing future of endless city development, degradation of organic earthly resources and controlled by an oligarchy, An Eighty Percent Solution follows a man used by corporate interests to infiltrate and destroy a rogue terrorism group. Perfectly illustrating a sad and dreary world of indentured servitude, there is no question that the motive for change propels the main character to take a different light on the group and instill his own form of activism.

    In addition to stringent controlling forces in the book’s themes, the flow, chapters, and execution of the writing all mimic a project work plan. Quite an interesting way to engross the reader further into the stage set.

    I related to the book’s setting of corporate control. The idea that a few elite and powerful people are dictating the standards and regulations of all is a depressing one. It is exactly what had me following Tony’s trials as he fought against the rule, even if at times the goal was unclear.

    We all need a little rebellion in our lives to remind us what our true values are. Read this, and be reignited!