Mar 262020

HOME! To see the entire road trip visit The total trip, counting side trips and assorted nonsense was 7108 miles. <Beginning Odo> <End Odo> My initial plan for the total driving portion of the trip was 6600 miles plus maybe an additional 10% for misc. That would make about 7300 miles. I planned to […]

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Mar 252020

3/17  Weed, CA to Castle Rock, WA (HOME) – 410 mi To see the entire road trip visit Don’t ask me why, but I woke up in Weed at 4AM and couldn’t shake a sense of foreboding. I think I worried about possible border closures and travel bans. Adding to that was my overriding […]

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Mar 242020

3/17  Barstow, CA to Weed, CA – 635 mi To see the entire road trip visit Yes it is really named Weed, CA. For those who don’t know, this used to be the illegal capital of marijuana prior to legalization. Its remote local made it difficult to find pot farms back in the day. […]

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Mar 232020

3/15  Albuquerque, NM to Barstow, CA – 675 mi To see the entire road trip visit So for those followers of the blog, I apologize for my long delay in this post. I didn’t realize that I still was more ill than I thought (no, not C19, just a good, old-fashioned head cold). I […]

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Mar 142020

3/14  OKC to Albuquerque  – 543 miles. To see the entire road trip visit I’ve spent the better part of a year planning and organizing for this road trip. It was planned to facilitate TANSTAAFL Press’ breakout year. It is hard to see it as anything but an abysmal failure, something that is gnawing […]

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Mar 142020

3/13  Dallas to OKC – 195 miles. To see the entire road trip visit I didn’t blog about my trip to Dallas. Only one thing of note came up, I received my first ever “General Delivery” package. I needed some more cat toys and my wife made them and shipped them to me. I […]

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Mar 122020

3/10  Monument, CO to Amarillo, TX  – 400  miles To see the entire road trip visit Well, I planned to visit with ADB today. As such I got up early and made haste. I wanted to get to Amarillo before close of business. My hope was a quick tour and then dinner with old […]

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Mar 092020

3/9  Evanston, WY to Monument, CO  – 486  miles To see the entire road trip visit I’m sure anyone who is really paying attention (maybe two of you), they are asking themselves, what does Amarillo have to do with your next stop in Dallas for AllCon? Not a thing other than it is on […]

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Mar 092020

3/8   Layton, UT – Evanston, WY 101 miles To see the entire road trip visit I have a number of topics I want to chat about today, but as the title says, let’s start with the convention. SaltCon is a great little show for family and hardcore gamers. While I didn’t count, I’d estimate […]

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Mar 072020

3/5   Layton, UT 0 miles To see the entire road trip visit If I was a poet, I think it would have been entitled from bad to verse. So I bedded down at a truck stop only to find that I couldn’t sleep. I’d wake up every couple of dozen seconds hacking a lung […]

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