Whether for book readings or general events of good cheer, our authors will be making public appearances to promote upcoming works of fiction or your Sci-Fi, Fandom, Gaming event. Please contact us at for more information.

Below is a list of appearances sorted by date, location, and author.  If there is not an appearance listed in your area, please feel free to contact us and recommend a perfect location for a book reading and signing.

The lists below are confirmed unless otherwise noted.



2/16/24-2/18/24 RadCon (Pasco, WA) Yes
3/21/24-3/24/24Gamestorm (Portland, OR)Yes
3/28/24-3/31/24 Norwescon (Seatac, WA) Yes
4/6/24-4/7/24Gem State Comic Con Yes
4/20/24-4/22/24Mid Valley Comic
Art Expo
5/3/24 – 5/5/24WagonCon Yes
5/24/24-5/27/24MisCon (Missoula, MT)no
6/1/24-6/2/24Lilac City Comic Con (Spokane, WA)Yes
6/7/24-6-9/24SciFi Valley Con (Altoona, PA)Yes
6/14/24-6/16/24OMG!Con (Owensboro, KY)Waitlisted
6/21/24-6/23/24SoonerCon (Norman, OK)Yes
7/5/24-7/7/24KantCon (Overland Park, KS)no
7/26/24-7/28/24Confluence (Pittsburg, PA) no
8/1/24-8/4/24 GenCon (Indianapolis, IN) Yes

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We have a number of seminars we give on a regular basis, we can participate in panel discussions or cover a specific topic by negotiation.

Seminar Name


The Painful Joy of Self-PublishingAn evergreen treatise on the state of self-publishing, especially as seen through the eyes of TANSTAAFL Press
Flirting for Fun and ProfitFlirting isn’t directly about sex. Come hear how the denotation of flirting differs with the connotation and how you can make it work for you.
How to Turn GM into $To be a good GM you must have a definitive skill-set. We will be talking about how you can use these to your advantage and create cash from them.
How to Make your Characters CharactersHaving problems with lackluster characters? We’ll talk about how to make believable, real-world characters that will catch the attention of the public
Believable World BuildingMost science fiction and fantasy requires the author to build a new world. What do you need to know and what can you forget in the science of building a world / universe that will not make your readers run for the hills.
20% Effort PublishingWhat things in indie publishing really should be done and what should be pushed off or even ignored? This will give not only high level view of this but intimate details of a small press / indie author
The Creative ProcessHow do we nurture and consistently repeat successful creativity? Get insights from someone who can produce unique material year after year.
A Critique for Every SeasonVery few people know how to give feedback that is actionable and not cruel. Even fewer really understand how to unhook your emotions to receive constructive criticism well and how to parse it. We’ll discuss both sides of this sometimes painful, but necessary, coin.