Verna McKinnon


Verna McKinnon is the author of War Poet, The Bardess of Rhulon, The Bastard Sorceress, and The Familiar’s Tale series, Gate of Souls, book 1 & Tree of Bones, book 2. Fires of Rapiveshta, book 2.

Avid lover of fantasy and science fiction, Verna believes in the power of heroines. With a list of planned fantasy novels to create, she writes obsessively and drinks lots of coffee. Check out her published short stories and news updates at her website, & follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Verna’s books from TANSTAAFL Press:

Bardess of Rhulon (Rogue Bardess Book 1)

War Poet (Rogue Bardess Book 2)

Bastard Sorceress