Release Schedule


I don’t know how we keep missing this page. Here is an update of what is planned over the next couple of years. 

First of all, available books, go to their respective pages: print booksE books.  I won’t relist everything we have here. But for books in progress and planned for at least the next year:

Books in the Queue 

Working Title Author Status Notes
Toy Drive Thomas Gondolfi  Planning – Late ’23 Concluding book in the Toy World series
Djinn of the Upper East Side Bruce Graw 6/22 (in production) Sequel to Gremlin of Morningside Heights
Mining Justice Thomas Gondolfi Late ’22 – Being Written Book 3 of the Monarchy of America series
The Myth of the Dark Stars Verna McKinnon Early ’23? – Being Written Sequel to The Bardess of Rhulon