Release Schedule


Someone (Thanks, Finn), pointed out that this page is woefully out of date. We keep updating product and wowslider and even some posts but we’ve missed this completely. So here goes nothing 🙂

First of all, available books, go to their respective pages: print booksE books.  I won’t relist everything we have here. But for books in progress and planned for at least the next couple of years:

Books in the Queue 

Working Title Author Status Notes
Cordon Bleus Stephanie Weippert First draft nearly complete: late ’19 Sequel to Sweet Secrets
Of Demons and Coal Thomas Gondolfi Being written: late ’19  New steampunk / alternative history
Of Warriors, Witches and Wyverns  ed Thomas Gondolfi No submission call as yet – Early ’20  High Fantasy anthology (multiple authors)
Window of Opportunity Thomas Gondolfi Several stories complete – Early ’20 Short story anthology for the CorpGov Chronicles (all by Thomas Gondolfi)
Toy Drive Thomas Gondolfi  Planning – Late ’20? Next book in the Toy World Series
Gremlin of Morningside Heights  Bruce Graw  TBD Sequel to The Faerie of Central Park
TANSTAAFL Press Presents: Flirting for Fun and Profit Thomas Gondolfi In Progress: Autumn ’19 1st in a series of short nonfiction book on the business of being an indie author/publisher. This episode: F2F marketing.
How NOT to Write: How to Encourage Writer’s Block Thomas Gondolfi  In Progress – Late ’19 Semi-humorous non-fiction series on how to write
TANSTAAFL Press Presents: Twenty Percent Effort Publishing Thomas Gondolfi  In Progress – Mid ’20 How to not overwhelm yourself with the requirements of publication
How NOT to Write: Boosting Rejections of your Masterpiece Thomas Gondolfi  Planning for Mid ’20 The does and don’ts of being published