Aug 112019

One of the holes in our plan to offer something in every sub-genre of SciFi is High Fantasy, something many of you love. We have a number of urban fantasies, but haven’t checked the high fantasy box yet. I did offer a contract to an author, Verna McKinnon, who wrote an awesome story about a female, dwarven bard (“The Bardess of Rhulon“). She chose to sign elsewhere (I’m not upset, she did the right thing for her) and I still support her and her book! But it leaves me with a hole :(

I would write my own high fantasy novel but as a famous character once said, “A man has to know his limitations.” Every attempt I’ve made at writing high fantasy has ended in disaster. Just about any other area within SciFi I can give you exceptional writing but not high fantasy.

So, what to do? I keep looking for someone that will match our business model, but in the short term we will be doing a high fantasy anthology with the working title “Of Witches, Warriors, and Wyverns.”  If you are interested go to Of Witches, Warriors, and Wyverns anthology guidelines. 

Our plan is to have this available before GenCon 2020.


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Aug 112019

by Thomas Gondolfi I want to start by thanking ALL of our fans for stopping by the booth (to buy or not to buy). Something not known is that booth time is slow time. While we do try to engage the throng that move past us, often times we end up doing nothing better than […]

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Jul 042019

I’ve noted a trend in dealing with you, the public. I am often asked about some facet of writing, or the business of writing/publishing. So much so that I’ve decided to foray into non-fiction (GASP) and write some small books on specific topics. Often I don’t have the time to dedicate at a show to […]

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Jul 042019

So you have heard of the year of the dog, the rabbit, etc, but for TANSTAAFL Press this is the Year of the Trailer. We purchased a small camping trailer so that we can do longer forays in order to service the needs of our fans and increase our fan base.   As a sleeping […]

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Jun 182019

Thomas Gondolfi has started a new steampunk / alternative history series “The Monarchy of America” which he hopes to have in print by early 2020. With his permission we are dropping a small portion of the ROUGH DRAFT of the book here to tempt you along with a view of the tentative cover.   1 […]

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Mar 102019

Well, we here at TANSTAAFL Press endeavor to be transparent. When we mess up, we say so up front, like the travelling error in Toy Wars, or for using REND instead of RENDER in the same book. Well, we’ve done it again. As usual, the Ooopsie Award goes to author Thomas Gondolfi. He also gets the No-Prize […]

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Jan 172019

by Thomas Gondolfi Many of you have heard me said that I’m retiring from my “day job” and thus would be able to devote more time to writing and marketing my WONDERFUL books. Many of you have also heard that the date for my retirement is/was 5/15/18 or about 9 months ago. If you haven’t […]

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Oct 102018

“Well… It’s Your Cow” anthology isn’t published by TANSTAAFL Press but rather Impulsive Walrus Books. However our premier author, Thomas Gondolfi, had a piece accepted and published within it. When Thomas Gondolfi heard about the anthology concept (all stories have to start with the line “Well… It’s your cow”) by Impulsive Walrus Press, his quirky sense […]

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Jun 232018

Enter the Rebirth is now in print!  TANSTAAFL Press has shown you the beginning and height of cataclysms in Enter the Apocalypse and Enter the Aftermath.  Now authors from all over the world share with us what the new normal is after the disasters are over. This is the culmination of our anthology trilogy. The […]

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Mar 302017

My name is Thomas Gondolfi, author of many novels and owner of TANSTAAFL Press. I am the primary judge of the contest held at Nanocon in March 2017. The NanoCon convention chairman, Togusa, looked over the top three and gave his inputs. All contestants should be proud. On a scale of 0-20, the scores ranged […]

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