Oct 072021

Any fans of TANSTAAFL Press will recognize our logo… Don Quixote holding his iconic M16 assault rifle. At conventions of late, Don hasn’t had his weapon. This isn’t because it has been banned (although TANSTAAFL Press has been removed from at least one convention because they wouldn’t remove it), but rather because his gun is broken.

Yes, you heard me right, his gun is broken. The M16 in the images is a plastic gun. The joint where the black handguard meets the silver main mechanism of the weapon is fragile as the entire structure is plastic and hollow. Don has gone through THREE copies of this gun at considerable expense for each one.

We’ve been working to make a broken version whole and more robust but it has been laborious and fraught with issues.

Recently, on our way back from GenCon, we caught a billboard sign that advertised an all-metal model of the AR-15 (the civilian variant of the M16) from Goatguns.com. With the appropriate amount of skepticism we investigated and were even more skeptical as the price for Goat Gun’s metal model of the gun is less than HALF what the plastic ones were. We ordered one. It was shipped the next day and arrived the day following.

The Goat Gun AR-15 is the bomb. No, it isn’t a bomb, but rather in the idiomatic term that it is exceptional! It looks incredible (see for yourself) There is a very small amount of assembly (no tools) but is solid! I no longer have to worry about someone hugging the bear and hearing the telltale “snap” of the plastic breaking again.

Because of the skill of the folks at Goat Guns, Don will resume his militant defense of the TANSTAAFL Press convention tables.

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Jul 052021

We’ve talked about the changes brought about by the C19 pandemic. We now have a much better view of what the rest of this year will hold for us at TANSTAAFL Press. First, we have release updates. The sequel to The Faerie of Central Park, by Bruce Graw, The Gremlin of Morningside Heights, is on […]

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Jan 242021

Well, the answer to this battle royale is quite simple – C19 wins every time. As much fun as conventions are, they don’t stack up to potential death and/or lifetime chronic illness. Shows early in this year are pushing off to the fall, going virtual, or canceling. We are looking at doing a couple of […]

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Jan 242021

It is with optimism and a sense of childlike wonder that TANSTAAFL Press flings open the door of 2021! With vaccinations on the horizon, it is looking like conventions will start up again sometime in the summer or fall. TANSTAAFL Press intends to be there to greet our long distanced friends, fans, and family! We […]

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Jan 242021

None of us is happy about how 2020 turned out. At TANSTAAFL Press we have another reason for this sadness. As of the end of 2020, we are separating business ways from Stephanie Weippert. This isn’t like some of the screaming divorces you’ve seen in other industries. Stephanie and TANSTAAFL have been growing in different […]

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May 262020

Welcome back to my count up list of SciFi movies. I left off with some massive ties at #18. I’ve realized my rounding to a single decimal space is problematic and causing many ties. SOooooo, I’m going to make some minor tweaks to the numbers to put one over the other in the ties. # […]

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May 132020

Welcome to the next installment of Tom’s greatest science fiction movies. Last week we talked about the BEST ten. Now let’s delve down a little deeper. I mean we haven’t even gotten to Star Trek or Star Wars, for goodness sake. At #11 we have a six-way tie #11 Children of Men – Rating 8.3 […]

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May 082020

I don’t know why, but recently I Googled “Best Science Fiction Movies.” I really wondered if I’d missed something. There are many folks out there who give us their views. I guess it is my turn. This will be a multi-part post. This one will contain choices from 1 to 11. Instead of counting toward […]

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May 072020

by Connie J. Jasperson This is the final post in a six-week blog tour series by members of the Northwest Independent Writers Association. Find NIWA at https://www.niwawriters.com/ The world is full of good, responsible publishers, both indie and small presses, as well as larger companies. They want to see you succeed as an author and […]

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May 012020

by William Cook This is the fifth in a six-week blog tour series for the Northwest Independent Writers Association. You can catch up with them at https://www.niwawriters.com/ How many times have you cursed the autocorrect function on your phone because it wouldn’t let you text what you wanted to? It was anticipating your next move, […]

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