Aug 092023

While not exactly planned, I had a full week plus to kill before GenCon and it was only about 6 hours away. So, with the heat of the summer and the issues between my generator and AC, I decided to find a state park to camp in. I found one about 90 minutes east of Columbus. I registered for a 3 night stay (Tues-Fri). Best laid plans of mice and men.

Early Monday morning, I found my black water tank (the one that stores the icky bathroom stuff) is right at the brim of overflowing. I must find a dump. I had planned on staying Monday night at a rest area that had a dump, but it was closed. So now, I had to find an alternative. No problem. I pulled up my rv dump site app only to find there weren’t any free dump sites unless I headed hours out of my way. Dirty rats bottoms and other expletives. There were several pay ones that ranged in price from $12 to $25. Bah!

Well, I thought, my campsite at Salt Fork was only $31 per night… why not see if I can sneak in early to dump, OR take an extra day in the luxury of having electricity without the rattle of the generator? I did the latter.

Salt Fork State Park is a lovely, groomed park. If you are looking for the wilds of camping this isn’t the place for you. It does have miles of wonderful hiking trails, but you aren’t camping in the wilderness. There are jungle gyms and slides for the kids and the first day I was here, I had the mower spending a couple of hours outside my RV. There are showers, bathrooms, and other accommodations.

Salt Fork has so many amenities that I can’t possibly list them all, but there are multiple lake beaches, a marina, boating, hiking, and even gem finding. I spent a nice few days here relaxing. I recommend this place to anyone who wants a break from boondocking.

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