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I’ve got lots of time to make it to KC. It’s only about an 8-hour drive and I have 4 days to make it. So, I’m taking time to smell the roses. Well, ok, laundry and dishes and cleaning the trailer.

It was well over 90 degrees and my aircon/generator combination wasn’t keeping it cool enough for me (I melt over 75 degrees), AND, I had some issues with my generator’s exhaust. <still having issues with uploading images and probably will until I get home 🙁 > Soooooo, I actually broke my general boondocking rule for these trips. I found a pleasant Missouri state campground that had electricity and stayed there for two nights (at $32 per night). Their grid power allowed me to keep the temp under 80 inside my trailer. I spent the time writing and catching up on all of the other things that often get pushed under the rug during a long trip.

One of those things was the construction of a more robust exhaust system for my trailer. Dr. Frankenstein had nothing on what I built, but, it works, and works well.

So now the convention! I did KantCon last year. It went reasonably well. I remember being pleased but not overly impressed. It is a small con, maybe 700-800 people. This year there were more folks. I saw one of the later badge numbers of just over 1100. This means a significant increase over last year. But the biggest increase was in sales.

Friday, day one, I had reasonable sales. I remembered this con I did most of my sales day one and then trickled for the rest of the weekend. So, with the sales day one, I figured I’d get close to my sales figures for last year. How wrong I was.

Saturday, I did 25% more than I did Friday. I have now had a nice increase over last year. I’m quite pleased at this point. I figure everyone has seen and bought from me and Sunday would be a big nothing burger. Wrong again.

Sunday, I did almost the same as Friday! This gives me a near record. Only MisCon and GenCon beat these total numbers. I’m so happy at the results that I could dance naked around a fire under the full moon! (Trust me that you wouldn’t want me to, but I’m that happy 😊 )

Barring a major disaster, I’ll be back next year.

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