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Almost immediately after their Pyrrhic victory in An Eighty Percent Solution, the remaining members of the Green Action Militia begin mysteriously to disappear. Their leader, Tony Sammis, orders the team further underground than ever before as they try and discover who is exterminating them.

Metro Commissioner Yuri Krylov needs to prove to the fledgling CorpGov that the Metros have value and at the same time protect the perks of the rank and file policeman to continue to dominate and intimidate everyone around them.

As many who have tried to pick up the pieces after a successful coup Nanogate finds that everyone is not pulling in the same direction. As one of the few remaining CEOs of the former Cabal, Nanogate tries to forge a new government out of the shattered remnants left to him.

Within this chaotic soup, a new and influential power block rears its head from the most humble of origins to demand its concerns and rights be addressed.

With Earth itself on the edge of anarchy, drastic measures will be needed to prevent a civil war or to win one once it starts. Tony and the GAM are once again pulled into the center of the maelstrom to place their lives on the line for humanity.

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