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Electronic version of “Enter the Aftermath”

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Continuing the theme started with Enter the Apocalypse, TANSTAAFL Press brings you another anthology of the end of mankind as we know it. In this volume writers were asked to explore the height or burnout of a disaster. Thirty-eight international authors offer dominating warlocks, ironic phone calls, thoughtless kaiju, frozen ecology, survival mutations, misbehaving aliens, and even two disparate takes on artificial intelligence – just to name a few. Enter the Aftermath provides insights into all humanity and even some non-homosapiens that we anthropomorphize. Come inside and enjoy the darkness and humor woven by our storytellers.

Contributing authors include:

Hunter Nedland, Lizz Shepherd, Rei Rosenquist, Kate Kelly, Barry McConatha, Evan Dicken, Robert Madison, Lee French, Jon Gauthier, Heather Steadham, Gareth Gray, Emily Devenport, Samantha Bister, Sanet Schoeman, Madison Keller, Elizabeth Hosang, Tabatha Stirling, Ken Green, Eddie Newton, Madison Estes, E.J. Shumak, James Van Pelt, Aspen Hougen, Julie Frost, Stephanie Losi, David Hoenig, Michael Sano, Joachim Heijndermans, John Sanders, John Carlo, Samuel Van Pelt, G.G. Silverman, Matthew Rotundo, Katherine Fox, Dale McMurray, Eric Blair, Matthew Timmins, Jack Bates, and Kevin Stadt

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