Of Demons And Coal



As a witch, widow Stella Ochoa makes her living at the soul grinding job of spelling coal dust out of the air. But infrequently, she and her team of Hellfighters are called on to do the dangerous task of capturing an escaped demon.

Now, years after demons have been put to use as power in steam engines, they are getting loose at an alarming rate. Each one kills and causes massive destruction of property. For King, God, and country, Stella investigates the increase only to unravel a plot only humans themselves could devise.

Only my loving wife could get her knickers entangled in such a mess. Oh, and the demon problem, too. – Aaron Ochoa

Stella has given me a tasty appetizer. I can’t wait for the full meal. – Demon Lord Gazzunreep

Well, I would like more sex, but it’s a good yarn anyway – Karie Taylor

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Hot witch action in 1880s Boston. How the tables have turned.


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224 pgs

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