Release Schedule


Books in the Queue

Title Author Approx Release Date
Sweet Secrets Stephanie Weippert AVAILABLE
The Assassination of Innocence (short story) – delayed Christopher Bair August ’17
The Bloodshed of Mercenaries
– delayed
Christopher Bair August ’17
The Faerie of Central Park Bruce Graw June ’16
Toy Reservations – minor delay Thomas Gondolfi July ’16

Available Books

Title Trade Paperback eBook
An Eighty Percent Solution – CorpGov Chronicles Book 1 x x
Thinking Outside the Box – CorpGov Chronicles Book 2 x x
The Bleeding Edge – CorpGov Chronicles Book 3 x x
Toy Wars x x
Demon Holiday x x
Demon Ascendant x x
Lady Hornet – Metamorphosis x x
Sweet Secrets x x
Faerie of Central Park
Toy Reservations