Oct 042013

Very disappointing Book Fair today. Fewest single day BOOK fair sales I’ve had yet. In fact had it not been for a two customers late in the afternoon who bought one of each book we would have been in single digits.

Our contract with the fair said that we had to stay til 7PM. Emails later asked us to stay until 8:30PM because of a movie being shown by our guest start Debbie Reynolds. By 6:30 every vendor had packed save me. By 7PM I was the only vendor left in his booth (most were gone by 6PM). I managed to get out by about 7:15.

The day was disappointing in another way. Not a single one of my Southland buddies or ex critique groupies showed up at the booth. I did use deodorant. Maybe it was the kilt that scared them off 😛

On the positive side I made a couple of new contacts with special shout-outs to Jay and Chris of BitingduckPress.com, and Xach from ShadesandShadows.org.

Likely not doing this fair again, I’m sad to say it didn’t even come close to living up to its value.

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