Nov 212013

It’s the time of year that we look back at what has happened in 2013 and are thankful for all of the wonderful people we’ve met over the year. People that have pulled up our spirits and allowed us to soldier on in the face of the daunting uphill trek of publishing and authoring. In this case we’re talking mostly about those science fiction fans we have met at conventions, book fairs and festivals. There was one point last year where this enterprise might have just melted away had it not been for YOUR feedback, input, and encouragement.

It is because of this that we started looking at how we were going to get out amongst you this year. While Thomas Gondolfi has a good deal of expertise in electrical engineering, he doesn’t have conventions trying to invite him as a guest lecturer because of his two novels. So we once again do the vendor booth and provide talks on various topics.  This year Thomas Gondolfi will continue his seminars on “The Painful Joy of Self-Publishing”, and “How to Turn GM into $”. He will also be adding “Flirting for Fun and Profit,” a treatise on the fact that flirting isn’t generically sexual, or insincere; and how it can be used not only as a valid marketing technique but also as a way to network.

With all of these things in mind we examined the show schedule we did last year and came up with our tentative appearances for this year.  Only two of them are confirmed, Rustycon and GenCon, but we expect that number to go up significantly. We will also be doing some local appearances but none of them have been finalized.

We are looking forward to visiting with you this year. Remember it is you that keep us going so don’t be afraid to drop by and chat!

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