Jan 122023

Oh, few but dedicated readers, you may have noticed a couple of changes we’ve made in our website. We will explain!

We no longer sell books from this website! In short, it was too costly (time and money) for a number of reasons to continue. And based on sales, most of you preferred to purchase on Amazon in any case. Links to purchase in the excerpts now take you to the Amazon.com pages.

Next, we added series pages to the excerpts. It just made sense. Don’t know why we didn’t do that long ago.

Additionally, we updated our newsletter signup. It wasn’t working off the website as planned so we revamped it so that it will now do so. If you are already a member, you can still “sign up” and get the free ebook. Go for it!

We updated our appearances page which was woefully out of date. You will see a number of unconfirmed shows. It is primarily because we haven’t heard from the organizers. We’ve applied and are waiting… patiently.

There was a good deal of cleanup on the website. Many links that really didn’t take you anywhere useful. Entire sections that were worthless to anyone got excised.

In short, we spent a week hacking around the back end of our website to make it more useful and streamline.

Happy 2023!

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