Courting Witchcraft (e-book)



In the familiar America of the Acorn and Strips, Mistress Witch Stella Ochoa has been hailed as the heroine of Boston for finding and exposing the perpetrators of the demon releases. It seems obvious that Stella may now relax. To everyone’s surprise, the chaos on the east coast continues.

But the chaos continues. Instead of being able to rest on her laurels, Stella must evade an assassin, testify in a murder trial, deal with even more escaped demons, avoid a society of witch-haters, and find a new home and new employer, all while dealing with too many suitors and her own ignoble ancestry.

My Stella is a bundle of contradictions. Someday, I’ll get her straightened out and in a good marriage. – Josephine Romero

Mistress Witch Ochoa is such a lovely señora. I would love to… Well, a gentleman never tells what goes on in his thoughts. – Manuel Gomez y Ruiz

This tale spews wickedness and woe, but like Pandora’s box, righteousness springs forth to eternally battle them. – Father Juan Dubois y Cantonio

I’ll never understand how a civilian can get into so much trouble. – Inspector First Antonio Guizzetti. 

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Hot witch action in 1880s Boston. How the tables have turned.

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