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Electronic version of “Enter the Apocalypse”

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Thirty-two authors from all over the world have created a wide range of apocalypses for your reading pleasure. Within the pages of this anthology, you will find exceptional works focusing on hungry zombies, virulent viruses, nuclear missiles, malevolent fey, vindictive aliens, challenging crustaceans, and more — each of these maelstroms creating massive disturbances within human society.

While works of holocausts tend toward a uniform darkness, Enter the Apocalypse contains a number of catastrophes that are humorous enough to cause hysterics and others that are so black as to cause the devil himself to shrink away.

Contributing authors include:

Kim Alan, Mike Barretta, Nick Barton, Gustavo Bondoni, Matthew Buscemi, Jessica Conoley, Lana Cooper, Jonathan Cromack, Michael Cummings, Lisha Goldberg, Bruce Golden, Russell Hemmell, Tom Jolly, Madison Keller, Simon Kewin, Morgen Knight, Janice Law, John A. McColley, Donna J.W. Munro, Katrina Nicholson, Naomi Brett Rourke, Jacalyn Schnelle, Jay Seate, Eric James Spannerman, T.M. Starnes, Stephanie Vance, Rachel Verkade, Aaron Vlek, John Walters, Filip Wiltgren, Brigitte Winter, Trevor James Zaple


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