The Djinn of the Upper East Side – ebook



With more bravery than sense, Sithlac has vowed to find and rescue his kidnapped companion, Bongcor. This friendship and its attending responsibilities make Sithlac an outcast from his self-centered gremlin society. But the gremlin’s drive and compassion have made him the focus of a number of other fey, societal misfits of their own. His circle now encompasses a cooking troll, an old goblin, a singing elf, and even a zephyr who can’t control the winds.

Sithlac’s troupe, along with a human who seemingly can’t say no to the possible script of a lifetime, skirmish forth to accomplish their improbable task, which is made even more difficult as they have to deal with the most dreadful adversary of all, a Fallen One – a djinn named Kalizor.

A Fallen One? Let me off this merry-go-round! – Yog the Goblin Outcast

I’m not bad. I’m not even written that way. I just want to help people… all people. – Alison Loomis, Helixtech senior researcher

What’s your problem? Profit and power make the world go round. – Elias Spencer, CEO Helixtech

What about me? I wasn’t just sitting around waiting to be a rescued princess! – Bongcor

Who gave them my address? – Travis Hellerman

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