The Djinn of the Upper East Side – print book



With more bravery than sense, Sithlac has vowed to find and rescue his kidnapped companion, Bongcor. This friendship and its attending responsibilities make Sithlac an outcast from his self-centered gremlin society. But the gremlin’s drive and compassion have made him the focus of a number of other fey, societal misfits of their own. His circle now encompasses a cooking troll, an old goblin, a singing elf, and even a zephyr who can’t control the winds.

Sithlac’s troupe, along with a human who seemingly can’t say no to the possible script of a lifetime, skirmish forth to accomplish their improbable task, which is made even more difficult as they have to deal with the most dreadful adversary of all, a Fallen One – a djinn named Kalizor.

A Fallen One? Let me off this merry-go-round! – Yog the Goblin Outcast

I’m not bad. I’m not even written that way. I just want to help people… all people. – Alison Loomis, Helixtech senior researcher

What’s your problem? Profit and power make the world go round. – Elias Spencer, CEO Helixtech

What about me? I wasn’t just sitting around waiting to be a rescued princess! – Bongcor

Who gave them my address? – Travis Hellerman

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