The Gremlin of Morningside Heights



Gremlins, who measure their social status by how many shiny trinkets they can pilfer from humans, live in lonely selfishness. Sithlac, an up-and-coming hunter, has no real reason to befriend Bongcor, a shy gremlin who hovers almost at the bottom rung of gremlin society. Sithlac finds courage and loyalty in this new relationship, and Bongcor finds a mentor in the greater world of hunting human treasures.

The deeper Sithlac’s relationship with Bongcor becomes, the more they are ostracized. Even this doesn’t deter the pair as they set out to surmount every obstacle in their path. Their pairing holds up until Men’s cruel trap takes his friend away.

Faced with the hollow emptiness of his loss, Sithlac vows to rescue him at any cost.


The story’s fun, there is no doubt…just read this book, and you’ll find out! – Ithess

Full of all kinds of dazzling shinies and gleamers, oh yes…in word form! – Sithlac

Who knew all these different kinds of Fey creatures existed…? I can’t wait to learn more about them! – Alison Loomis

Great story, even if it was written by one of those disgusting humans. – Lyza Sparrow-wind

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