Toy Wars



Flung to a remote world, a semi-sentient group of robotic mining factories arrive with their programming hashed. They can only create animated toys instead of normal mining and collection robots. One of these factories, pushed to the edge of extinction, attempts a desperate gamble and infuses one of its toys, a 2-meter tall, purple teddy bear, with the power of sentience. This begins a quest across an alien world to find and enlist the aid of his mortal enemies to end the TOY WARS before genocide claims his family.

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  One Response to “Toy Wars”

  1. Curse you, Thomas Gondolfi! I was looking for a mindless read in An Eighty Percent Solution to unwind before bedtime. What you wrote kept me up half the night reading “just one more page until I turn off the light”. That happened not just once, but several nights in a row. You totally wrecked my work week!

    Then I discovered your book Toy Wars. The result was even more sleepless nights turning page after page, gleefully reading your accursed books. Now I’m writing this review exhausted, wondering when the next installments in your books will be. There will be more, wont there? There has to be more!

    For those of you considering reading Thomas Gondolfi’s books, beware. Do not try to read them just before going to sleep. You have been warned!

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