Jul 162012

Wanted to give you all a quick progress update of the novels planned for our spring launch.

An Eighty Percent Solution – This novel gone through typesetting and is being proofed as we speak.  Our intent is to have the first galley proofs started within 4 weeks.

Toy Wars – This novel is in edit right now.  There are some interesting grammatical style issues in this novel that are taking longer in edit. Our editor said that Toy Wars has been one of her  most challenging because of capitalization of toy types vs toy names.  Probably see this to go to typesetting by the end of the month.

Demon Holiday – This has been the biggest challenge. To our surprise as we got ready to move on to the next stage, we found this novel is much too large for a single volume.  DH’s author, Bruce Graw, will be converting this into two novels at a logical break point near the center.  Our hope is still to have the first of these two novels to you in either spring or early summer. Note that Tony Foti has been retained to do this cover, it is low on our priority list so we asked him to put it on the back burner.

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