Oct 202012

Progress continues on both Toy Wars and An Eighty Percent Solution. Why is it that writing a book seems so much more easy than printing a book? (that’s a rhetorical question, folks as we at TANSTAAFL Press are n00bs when it comes to publishing)

Toy Wars is now totally in the hands of the printer at this point after successful proofs.  We’re expecting to have the print completed and books in hand by mid-November! Our official launch for both of these books remains April, but we will offer books for sale on this site as soon as we have hard copies in hand.

An Eighty Percent Solution is a horse of a different color… literally. An Eighty Percent Solution actually was at the printers long before Toy Wars. We had “galley proofs” printed. It was a disaster. Not only were the covers almost black (you couldn’t see the left side of the young woman’s face), but they also had a very significant green tinge instead of the ethereal blue color you see online. The list of issues we’ve had with the cover made getting Toy Wars cover correct the first… or should we say second time much easier. BUT problems continue on the An Eighty Percent Solution cover. We finally have the color right, but there is color bleed into the white space making the barcode unreadable. We’ve learned a great deal about graphics design, file conversions and CMYK vs RGB over the last few months. In short we still have an issue with this cover. Once we have that straightened out, it will be printed as well. We’re anticipating copies in hand by the end of November.

In anticipation of having product, we have added an e-commerce app to this site. Don’t look for it yet. We won’t activate it until we have books in hand. TANSTAAFL Press will never sell vaporware. Our site will only accept PayPal as a source of funds as PayPal already have all of the security for credit cards or direct withdraw from checking accounts.  We will also only offering soft covered books, not ebooks on this site.  e-books, and soft books will be available from Amazon and B&N at the official book launch. Again, use their proven abilities to control the electronic media.

Stay tuned. We will announce print in hands here when it happens.






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