Jul 042013

We are being added to the list of exhibitors at the West Hollywood Book Fair on the 29th of September and hope to see all of the folks that helped critique Toy Wars as well as anyone else in the city of Angles. As a former Long Beacher I’m looking forward to seeing my old stomping grounds not to mention sharing our new projects.

In conjunction with the trip for the South Dakota Festival of Books, I’ve been asked to speak at my alma mater, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology on career management. I’ve not added this to my appearances schedule as it is not open to the public.  Perhaps in the future.

On a sadder note, we’ve had to remove Orycon in Portland from this year’s book tour.  While we would love to attend, we are needed to support Blooming Artichoke Herbary at the  American Herbalist Guild Symposium that very same weekend.


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