Jan 122014

This is probably a good time to also admit to a change in the release schedule.

At our insistence, Thomas Gondolfi, is going to be too busy putting out the third CorpGov Chronicles, The Bleeding Edge, to be able to put the polish on Wayward School as originally planned. For this reason we’ve moved Wayward School to a Fall ’15 publication date.

But for those waiting for Wayward School the bad new isn’t done yet. At the same time there is potential good news for Toy Wars fans. Thomas Gondolfi has seen such positive reaction to Toy Wars that he is considering pushing Wayward even farther out in order to publish a TW sequel with the working title Toying with Reservations. If we go forward with this change we’ll make the decision sometime late in 2014 and announce it here and on the Release Page

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