Jul 272014

Yesterday I attended NW Book Festival, Portland Oregon. This is the beginning of our second convention season. Last year this was the first event I’d attended so we’ve come full circle.

I wasn’t surprised, but disappointed, that there was no repeat traffic here. The reason it didn’t surprise me was because of the nature of the festival. Most of it is spontaneous (“I didn’t know this was going on” was a common refrain both years). While the folks say that there is advertizing I am not sure how effective it is. That is NOT a criticism but rather an observation. This festival is well run and I enjoy it a great deal.

We only did half as well as we did last year, but on checking my records, I find that this fair last year did a nearly record single day… it held the record all the way up to Origin’s Game fair this year. This year wasn’t as great. That having been said, I still cleared my costs by a couple of dollars, not to mention getting to chat with some great new folks. Special shout outs to Heather, Aubry Kae Andersen, from the North Seattle SciFi and Fantasy Writers, and Ms. Wiseman!

While sales weren’t stellar, I did talk to a great number of folks. I kept trying to mingle with my fellow authors but people were drawn to my booth and I’d have to slide back for a chat. I felt good about the day and definitely will return next year!

I added pictures to show how much stuff my set-up uses (and yes it all fits into my Prius, but just) and thought I’d add a picture of myself in the booth for a change. Thanks Heather for snapping the photo! NWBookFestival (2) NWBookFestival (3)NWBookFestival (1)

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