Aug 292016

We’ve been asked pretty much from our first public appearance to create and sell audio books. We finally got the financial wherewithal to take a stab at this. And what book would we do other than our best selling “Toy Wars”?  Popular voice-over artist John Hough, himself a fan of Toy Wars, narrated our audio version of Toy Wars Audio (TWA). We are excited and pleased at the responses so far.

But not everything has been beer and skittles.  We’ve been selling TWA for several weeks now only to find out that we’ve had some quality control problems with our duplication process. David S, a customer purchasing TWA at GenCon, discovered that several of his tracks were blank. We grabbed another unit off the shelf and tested it only to find it also had files that existed on the disc but played without any sound. Testing a random sampling found over 30% of discs 8, 9, 10 had the same problem.

We want all of our customers that have purchased Toy Wars Audio CDRoms prior to the end of August to contact us if they have the slightest problem. We will get either the specific discs replaced or a full replacement at no cost. We sincerely apologize for this slip on our part.


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