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3/4   Beaver, UT – Layton, UT 220 miles

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So what do you write when you are sick? As little as possible. I went to bed with symptoms of a head-cold I’m sure I received from one of my hosts last weekend in Las Vegas. Oh, not his fault. Not like you can aim germs, but when I heard he was under the weather, and I still had 7 weeks on the road I should have run like a scalded dog.

Like most men, I tend to whine about my minor maladies, so in defense of those people around me (yes I’m aware of my failing), I pull in on myself – doing as little as possible and hide away interacting with anyone as little as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not an option on this road trip. I needed to be to Layton (not SLC, but close enough for the name to stick) to load in Wed afternoon or Thursday morning. As I was sure I’d likely feel worse on Thursday, I gritted my teeth and drove the 4 hours. Fortunately, driving, if one applies one whole attention to it, is fairly brainless. I put on no music, movies, or anything. I just drove.

What I hadn’t realized (because my brain wasn’t working to optimal efficiency) was that the load in for this convention on Wed was 8PM – 11PM.  I arrived at 1PM. I took the opportunity to sleep parked in their lot. Or at least try to sleep. I sleep nearly none at all when I’m ill. I might have gotten half an hour of actual slumber between the tossing and turning until the concom showed up at 5PM.

After being shown to my table, I moved in with my usual efficiency. Only the fact that I’ve done it several hundred times before allowed me to set up. If it hadn’t been for that I might have still been there. Up and ready to go, all I had to do was show up in the morning.

Drove to a nearby truck stop and “crashed”

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