Oct 072021

Any fans of TANSTAAFL Press will recognize our logo… Don Quixote holding his iconic M16 assault rifle. At conventions of late, Don hasn’t had his weapon. This isn’t because it has been banned (although TANSTAAFL Press has been removed from at least one convention because they wouldn’t remove it), but rather because his gun is broken.

Yes, you heard me right, his gun is broken. The M16 in the images is a plastic gun. The joint where the black handguard meets the silver main mechanism of the weapon is fragile as the entire structure is plastic and hollow. Don has gone through THREE copies of this gun at considerable expense for each one.

We’ve been working to make a broken version whole and more robust but it has been laborious and fraught with issues.

Recently, on our way back from GenCon, we caught a billboard sign that advertised an all-metal model of the AR-15 (the civilian variant of the M16) from Goatguns.com. With the appropriate amount of skepticism we investigated and were even more skeptical as the price for Goat Gun’s metal model of the gun is less than HALF what the plastic ones were. We ordered one. It was shipped the next day and arrived the day following.

The Goat Gun AR-15 is the bomb. No, it isn’t a bomb, but rather in the idiomatic term that it is exceptional! It looks incredible (see for yourself) There is a very small amount of assembly (no tools) but is solid! I no longer have to worry about someone hugging the bear and hearing the telltale “snap” of the plastic breaking again.

Because of the skill of the folks at Goat Guns, Don will resume his militant defense of the TANSTAAFL Press convention tables.

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