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The Metros, under Police Commissioner Yuri Krylov, have used every bit of influence and every corrupt tool to declare martial law and bring the National Guard under their sway. With this success, Krylov knows he holds the whip hand. He will do anything to crush the CorpGov and their lapdogs, the Green Action Militia.

Tony Sammis and Nanogate lead a patchwork alliance that includes the nascent CorpGov, Green Action Militia, the president of the United States, the Pacific Northwest Mob, most of the megacorps and the United Brotherhood of Bodyguards. The war the CorpGov alliance knows they can’t win has begun, but they are no longer fighting to win. Tony and Nanogate know they may not survive, but they intend to deliver the most grievous wounds they can. The most dangerous animal is one with no hope.

Through it all the Boxed wait as the patient slaves of all. Their fear of never being whole again fuels them to a desperate decision – a decision that could mean losing their current slim chance of rejoining humanity.

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