The Bloodshed of Mercenaries


The Bloodshed of Mercenaries by Christopher Bair

– Avaliable June ’16

Alec Laurence has been a runner for corporations for over twenty years. He and his company of mercenaries infiltrate other companies to steal information, technology, and even sabotage the competition, without exposing his patrons.

In the city-state of Neuve Venta, a metropolis in the center of the Federated States of America, humans now co-exist with orcs, goblins and other creatures of fantasy, due to mysterious portals which have opened up across the globe. Alec survives outside the law on the boundary between where humans reside, and metahumans have rebuilt their society.

A near-death accident during his recent raid leads him to question his future in the industry. Saved by his second-in-command Jake Sutton, the loudmouthed driver Beetle, and the calculating dark elf ninja Eizo, he decides to plan for his retirement.

But with the knowledge and secrets he has of his clients, from years of raiding their competitors, can he just walk away?