Jan 242021

None of us is happy about how 2020 turned out. At TANSTAAFL Press we have another reason for this sadness. As of the end of 2020, we are separating business ways from Stephanie Weippert.

This isn’t like some of the screaming divorces you’ve seen in other industries. Stephanie and TANSTAAFL have been growing in different directions over the last couple of years. This isn’t recrimination or even necessarily a bad thing, only a statement of truth. In that vein, we’ve decided it best to make a clean break from one another.

TANSTAAFL Press has returned copyrights of both Sweet Secrets and Road to Chaos back to Stephanie so she can own her destiny. We have also provided such support as we could for taking them forward herself.

We wish Stephanie only the best with her future endeavors and hope you continue to support her as you have us. You can find her at www.patreon.com/stephanieweippert

This brings our reduced author lineup to Bruce Graw and Thomas Gondolfi as authors. Our tightened author list allows us to focus on bringing their work to you at a faster pace.

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