Jan 242021

Well, the answer to this battle royale is quite simple – C19 wins every time. As much fun as conventions are, they don’t stack up to potential death and/or lifetime chronic illness.

Shows early in this year are pushing off to the fall, going virtual, or canceling.

We are looking at doing a couple of the virtual shows but nothing is confirmed as yet. The earliest possible in-person show I see is mid-May, however, we’re expecting that one to push out. That leaves a late June as the next. We think that is a coin-flip at this point.

From our vantage point, the most probable first show face-to-face show for TANSTAAFL Press will GenCon 8/5-8/8 in Indianapolis. We are actively lining up more in the fall but naturally, convention committees are reticent to make commitments. We are as much on edge as the rest of you. We will advise as more becomes known.

Hang in. Stay safe. Read more books.

 January 24, 2021  Uncategorized

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